October 24, 2011
Gudrun is a small tasting room hidden at the end of a short alley in Steveston. It was a bit hard to find, but the music playing inside was pretty noticeable, especially late at night in such a quiet community.

The menu was simple and focussed mainly on wines, cheeses and charcuterie. Most of the items were listed on a chalkboard wall.

I had a deal voucher ($25) that included a cheese fondue and 2 wine flights ($55 value). There were 3 wines in total: an extremely crisp and fizzy champagne from Spain, a peachy chenin blanc from South Africa, and a rich pinot noir from the Okanagan.

The cheese fondue was very rich and gooey, but there was way too much wine for my liking. The taste of the wine completely dominated the delicate flavour of the cheese. There were a few types of bread for dipping, and refills were complimentary.

I tried a cheese and charcuterie plate ($37) as well, and it came with 3 meats and 2 cheeses. There were also apple slices, grapes, olives, pickles, dried figs and pear, and some other condiments. The brie was quite nice, but the aged cheddar reminded me of musty old closets. I called it the "closet cheese". All of the meats were tasty, but I enjoyed the organic beef most because of its delicate savoury flavour.

The meal was enjoyable and service was prompt, but I think the price point is a bit too high for a casual get-together with friends. I wouldn't be tempted to revisit without a deal voucher or a discount of some sort, but it's a good place for the cheese, charcuterie and wine lovers out there.

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