Endless Summer

Endless Summer is a restaurant and cocktail bar located on the seawall near Burrard Bridge. It's one of many establishments in the area and is easy to miss because there's no visible sign of the restaurant name anywhere. The owners came from the Czech republic, so there were quite a few Czech items on the menu. I tried the goulash with dumplings ($12.99) which is a traditional Czech dish of stewed beef and bread. It's interesting that so many cultures use the word "dumpling" to describe a certain food, yet dumplings are so different from one culture to another. These Czech dumplings are actually very similar to Chinese mantou or steamed bun. I see this dish as a comfort food because of the familiarity factor and also because the dumplings dipped in warm savoury beef stew evoked fond memories of home cooking.

I never liked burgers much, and this salmon burger ($17) was no exception. But I could tell the wild salmon was quite fresh and didn't have that frozen-forever taste from sitting in the freezer for too long.

The fish and chips was on special for $11.99 and I'm glad I got to try it because it was phenomenal. I try not to eat a lot of fried food in an attempt to be more health conscious, and I've gradually developed a dislike of fried foods in general. Even so, I was blown away by how wonderfully light and crispy the batter was without being too hard or crunchy. The fish was so tasty with the creamy tartar sauce, and the salted fries were addictive.

I would come back for both the dumplings and the fish and chips, and of course the wonderful view and refreshing sea breeze. Considering the location, the prices are not bad at all. Besides, Czech cuisine is a nice alternative to typical pub fare.

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