India Gate

October 21, 2011
India Gate is located on Robson just steps away from H-Mart. It's a relatively large restaurant with over 20 tables. The service was pretty good and as soon as we were seated, we were given complimentary pappadam with savoury sauce. I have no idea what the sauce was made of, but it was quite interesting. I found the pappadum much too salty for my taste, yet the crispy snack was oddly addictive.

We ordered 2 dishes to share: butter chicken ($17) and lamb curry ($17). Both were creamy and tasty, but on the salty side just like the pappadum. They were very enjoyable with rice, but not so much by themselves.

Both dishes came with rice which was unfortunately not basmati rice. It was short-grain and slightly sticky — kind of similar to Japanese sushi rice. I like both kinds, but I just think basmati is more suitable for Indian cuisine.

The naan ($2) was a pretty big disappointment. It was not fluffy at all and in fact, it tasted more like a stale frozen pita that had just come out of the microwave. I enjoy rice more anyway, so it wasn't a big problem for me.

The entrees were solid, but as I mentioned earlier, I found them much too salty for my taste. I would recommend this place if you prefer strong-tasting dishes, but I probably wouldn't come back because I prefer milder flavours. Service was good though, and this place is one of those rare Indian restaurants where you don't walk out smelling like curry for the rest of the day. Good ventilation is certainly something I appreciate.

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