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The weather was pretty nice, so I had dinner out on the patio at Hub in Yaletown. I rarely choose to sit on the patio because I don't want insects buzzing around while I'm trying to enjoy my meal, but the cool breeze was welcoming in comparison to the stuffiness inside the restaurant. The menu consisted mainly of pub food like burgers and pasta, but the prime rib dinner caught my eye. Offered only on Sunday and Monday, a 9 oz prime rib meal complete with mashed or scalloped potatoes and Yorkshire pudding costs $18.99. I asked for the steak rare and was told that it would be more of a medium rare because the meat had already been cooked. That made me wonder why they asked me how I'd like it done if I didn't really have a choice. The meat turned out to be quite tough and difficult to chew, and the au jus was very weak with no definitive flavour. I opted for scalloped potatoes and there was a huge slab of it overloaded with cheese. The only vegetables were baby carrots with lots of melted butter. So overall this dish was extremely heavy and oily. The only thing I liked was the Yorkshire pudding which was pretty much a savoury version of souffle with a firmer bread-like exterior.

The teriyaki rice bowl ($12) comes with bok choy, bell peppers, asparagus and a choice of brown or white rice in spicy yogurt and teriyaki sauce. If you paid attention to the ingredients list, you would've noticed that it's all vegetarian. Adding shrimp or chicken would be an extra $4.50. I would recommend shrimp even though I haven't tried it, because the chicken was stringy and mushy. Actually I would recommend just staying clear of this dish unless you like soggy rice. As you can see from the picture, there was a lot of sauce and the rice was literally swimming in it. It was more like a rice stew than a rice bowl and the whole thing was just overly salty and wet.

The best dish turned out to be the sushi burger ($13) with a choice of fries or salad. The meat was sesame crusted albacore tuna and there were the usual toppings like lettuce and cucumber. But the ingredients that made the burger true to its name were avocado and wasabi soy mayo. The soy mayo was light and refreshing, and I considered it a much better alternative to tartar sauce.

Perhaps I ordered the wrong items, but I wasn't impressed by the food at all. While I was there, I saw a lot of people order the $7 appies available between 4-6 pm every day. The bruschetta, bucket of shrimp and gyoza all looked very appealing, so I'll probably try those next time.

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