Eh! Restaurant

July 20, 2011
Eh! is hidden away in a 2nd floor unit, a location that probably doesn't attract much business from passersby, especially with the impressive display of roaring fire at Coast right beside the elevator access. The main clientele seems to be the international students attending classes in the same building. The setting is very casual like a typical cafeteria with a splash of simple elegance.

There wasn't much service and I had to walk up to the counter myself to collect menus after being seated. But that was to be expected given the casual cafeteria-like setting. As I was perusing the menu, I was taken aback by the value for the price. For instance, this dish of yellow fin tuna strips with jasmine rice was only $9.95. I had not expected such presentation and quality for that price. The pan seared tuna was rubbed with cajun spices which made it rather salty, but it was balanced by the refreshing fruit salsa of melon and cantaloupe. The rice was well seasoned with vanilla, lemon and cilantro and tasted great with the tuna in light ginger cream.

The special of the day was the sticky honey maple BBQ ribs with baby potato salad ($8.25). The ribs were nice and juicy, and the portion was decent. The potato salad was creamy and savoury, and the dish also came with golden brown onion rings.

My conclusion of the lunch experience at Eh! is as follows: loved the food, loved the prices. I look forward to coming back again for some cheap eats.

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  1. Sounds like such an awesome deal with delicious food! Got to try this soon :) Thanks for posting!

  2. Yea it is a really good deal. The tuna could have been more tender, but I wouldn't complain because of the price.

  3. Be warned that at lunch, the seating area is swarmed by the students. On top of serving external customers, the kitchen serves set meals to the international students. I went there with co-workers, arriving a bit before noon, once the students came out, it was like a high-school cafeteria. My co-workers weren't too happy about the environment.

  4. I can imagine! A group of students came in during my visit and did some sort of class activity in which they took turns pretending to be customers and waiters in order to practice their English. But for me ambiance is not a huge issue unless I'm paying a premium for fine dining.


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