Tandoori King

July 17, 2011
UPDATE: Feb 22, 2012
According to this article, Tandoori King is dealing with the aftermath of a fire. There is no news on when or whether the restaurant will reopen for business.

Tandoori King is the first Indian restaurant I've visited, so my memory of it is rather hazy. The place is on the corner of Fraser and 64th. The decor is very traditional with Indian artwork on the walls.

Instead of the complimentary bread offered at Western restaurants, we got complimentary papadum instead. These were great as a snack to munch on, but they were a bit too salty without a drink.

Luckily I had a mango lassi ($3.50) to wash them down. The lassi looked a bit pale, but it was surprisingly fresh and creamy with the perfect combination of tropical mango and tart yogurt.

I'm never adventurous when it comes to Indian food because nothing beats butter chicken in my opinion. So here we have their "world famous" butter chicken ($10.90) along with lamb palak ($10.90) which is boneless lamb cooked with chopped spinach and various spices. Both were very savoury and tasty with thick sauces.

I remember being impressed by the naan ($1.30), and this visit has reconfirmed that their naan is indeed the best I've had to date. The texture was soft but firm with fluffy and chewy layers.

We also had steamed basmati rice ($3) which was a decent portion for the price.

Tandoori King is one of my favourite Indian restaurants because it offers a balance between quality and price. I'll definitely be coming back for cheap and tasty food.

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