Asuka Sushi

I didn't have high hopes for Asuka Sushi as it was a small and casual place that was almost cafe-style. There was table service, but I saw a walk-up counter with a cash register for paying the bill. The lack of decor apart from random posters and menu items posted on the walls reminded me of Jumbo Sushi. After we sat down, the waitress brought us tea and I noticed immediately that my cup was chipped. I didn't ask for a new cup as I know this sort of thing is to be expected at small neighborhood restaurants like this one. Since it was a warm day, a couple of flies decided to drop in as well and circled the table a few times before zooming off. As I perused the menu, I heard the staff speaking in Korean which further increased my doubt about this place. Usually when non-Japanese chefs make sushi, they add in flavours from their own cultures which could either turn out well or horribly bad. But when the yakiudon ($9.50) came, I was relieved as the udon was very tasty and the chicken was moist and tender. The sauce was delicious as well. The only problem was that the sauce was rather watery and there was a bit too much of it. And the plate the yakiudon was served in was chipped as well.

Next we tried the shrimp dragon roll ($10.99) which is a shrimp tempura roll topped with unagi and avocado. Just like the yakiudon, the roll tasted good but there was an excess of sauce that made the rice wet and soggy.

Then we had the deluxe sushi combo ($13.50) which is a combination of 7 nigiri sushi and a spicy tuna roll with 8 pieces. The spicy tuna roll was unconventional but suited my tastes. Apart from the tuna inside the roll, there were small pieces of marinated tuna on top screaming with Korean flavour. The fish had been marinated in Korean hot sauce which was slightly sweet with a zesty spiciness. As for the nigiri sushi, I only tried the tamago, tai, and tobiko. They were all quite good, and the tobiko was particularly fresh and flavourful.

Despite my initial impression of the place, the lunch turned out to be pretty good. I would probably come back again when I'm in the area.

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