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May 12, 2011
Since we used a deal voucher, we couldn't order the lunch specials which seemed like good value for the price. For $11 you get a choice of entree with rice, naan and salad. Instead we had to order from the regular menu which turned out to be very small portion compared to other Indian restaurants. We got butter chicken for $12 along with rice pulao for $3. The rice was a decent size, but the butter chicken was hardly enough for one person. I did a quick count and found there were only 5 large cubes of chicken. Taste-wise the creamy tomato sauce was great, but the chicken wasn't marinated long enough. This was probably partly due to the fact that the meat was in rather large chunks, so the inside was still completely white and unflavoured. I could tell it was good quality breast meat though, so that was a plus.

We also tried the lamb vindaloo ($13) which was very small portion as well. There were probably around 3 pieces of lamb and a couple pieces of potato. The lamb was definitely more flavourful than the chicken and the sauce was not bad, but I liked the butter chicken sauce more.

I got a mango lassi ($4) to balance out the spices in the food, and it was one of the creamiest I've had. The drink was an explosion of mango flavour with a smooth and thick texture. I really appreciated it as I hate drinks that are watered-down or has too much ice and no flavour.

The highlight of the meal for me was the mango lassi. The food was good, but I wasn't satisfied with the portions.

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