Jumbo Sushi

September 26, 2010
I had dinner with Kish and Pooh tonight, and Kish suggested Jumbo Sushi. He has eaten there many times before because it's close to his work place, but it was my first time eating there. I had almost no expectations for this place when I stepped in because it looked run-down and shabby. All the tables and chairs were made of plastic, like the type people have in their backyards. And the tea was self-serve. There was a large hot tea dispenser at the counter with a stack of coloured plastic cups beside it. Even the dishes used to serve the food were plastic. All of this led me to think that this would be a place with mediocre food for cheap prices. So I was pleasantly surprised when I put the first piece of prawn tempura in my mouth, and even more surprised when I had my first piece of sushi. The prawn tempura was light and crisp, not a bit worse than the tempura I've had at more expensive Japanese restaurants.

The first piece of sushi I tried was the red roll ($4.25). I've never seen this offered anywhere else before, so I think they came up with the combination themselves. It was a chopped scallop roll topped with either salmon or tuna, and garnished with green onions and bits of crispy tempura batter. The crispy batter bits added a crunch to the texture, and brought the sushi to life.

We also ordered a mango avocado roll ($3). I enjoyed this as well, but it was nothing special.

Then we ordered a 17-piece sushi combo for only $5.95, and it even came with a bowl of miso soup. This place is perfect for teens (like Pooh) and people with big appetites. Lots of sushi for cheap prices! We also ordered a large spicy salmon sashimi salad for only $8. There were a lot of salmon sashimi with cucumber cubes on leafy greens. Just like the red roll, the dish was topped with green onions and crispy batter bits. The salmon sashimi was coated with a sweet and sour spicy sauce, giving it a fresh and appetizing flavour.

I didn't expect such a delicious dinner here, and I'll definitely return for the red roll and the salmon sashimi salad! The quality of the food was on par with many Japanese fine dining restaurants, but for half the price. Since I walked in with low expectations, the food might not be as good as I make it sound, but I think this is a place worth visiting for a spot of sushi.

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