New India Buffet

New India Buffet is located in a mall on the corner of Broadway and Willow. Sitting near the patio at the back of the restaurant gives a nice view of downtown Vancouver.

New India claims to be the largest Indian buffet in Vancouver. I haven't verified this, but there was quite a bit of variety. There was a salad bar with greens, coleslaw, pasta salads, and desserts such as rice pudding and jello.

For hot foods, there were a number of choices including goat curry, tandoori chicken, and of course the popular butter chicken. Other snacks included vegetable pakoras and masala fries. All of these could be enjoyed with plain Jasmine rice and a variety of sauces made of vegetables, yogurt and beans. There were also 2 warm desserts that I found very interesting. One was the saffron sweet rice that looked like glistening yellow fried rice, but tasted sweet and chewy with the grassy fragrance of saffron. The other was the gulab jamun, a spherical doughnut soaked in sugar syrup. I didn't particularly like either one, but I still enjoyed tasting them as they were very different from Western and Chinese desserts.

This is the first Indian buffet I've been to that offers unlimited hot and cold drinks as part of the meal. In one corner of the buffet table, there were coffee pots filled with masala chai and brewed coffee. The masala chai was piping hot and satisfying. It was quite a strong milk tea and did not taste watered down at all.

There were 2 cold drink dispensers for fruit punch and iced tea. I didn't try any because I could see a lot of ice inside and the colours of the drinks looked artificial. Besides I really enjoyed the masala chai and was happy to stick with that.

The price of the lunch buffet is $12.95 per person for weekdays and $14.95 for weekends. Dinner is a bit more expensive and does not include drinks. I think the price is quite reasonable for the comfortable seating and the variety of food and drinks offered.

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