Nando's Chicken (Ackroyd)

With the number of Nando's restaurants in the Lower Mainland, it's surprising I haven't tried their famous flame-grilled chicken until now. I visited the Nando's in Richmond, and it looked more like a fast food chain than a casual dining restaurant with its walk-up food counters. After ordering, I was given cutlery and a numbered stand to bring to the table where there were 3 Nando's Peri-Peri sauces to go with the chicken.

I got the classic share platter ($25) which includes one whole flame-grilled chicken. There are 4 levels of spiciness ranging from the mildest lemon herb to the spiciest extra hot. I wasn't in the mood for spicy food, so I went with lemon herb. The chicken was surprisingly tender, even the white breast meat. I could taste the lemon and herbs used to marinate the chicken, and the skin was not fatty at all. I was very happy with the tender and delicious chicken that exceeded my expectations. The Peri-Peri sauces were very flavourful as well and complemented the chicken nicely. The 3 flavours of Peri-Peri sauce were wild herb, garlic, and hot. I preferred the garlic out of the 3 since the wild herb was a bit too spicy for me, but I thought the chicken tasted best by itself without any condiments.

The share platter also comes with a large side of spiced rice and 2 Portuguese buns. The rice was very tasty but also a bit salty, so I didn't eat too much.

The buns came with butter on the side, but I prefer them plain. The texture was quite chewy and the bun was covered with a layer of powder. Although it was not a soft and fluffy bread, I thought it was rather enjoyable.

EDIT: Apr 24, 2011

I visited Nando's again for the same meal. The chicken was just as tender and delicious as last time. I saw a plate of Portuguese tarts ($2 each) near the cashier and decided to try one for dessert. The tarts are called pasteis de nata in Portuguese and are egg tart pastries with a hint of cinnamon. I've tried the ones from Chinese bakeries, but this one tasted very different. The egg custard filling was very sweet and the layered crust was slightly gummy with a texture similar to phyllo pastry. The tart was passable but not very enjoyable because it was served cold. I imagine it would taste a lot better straight out of the oven when it's still nice and warm.

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  1. huh, I've never tried Nando's either. Of course, they're also not exactly cheap...

    That being said, it's good to know that the chicken IS good if I'm ever in a position to order from them.

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