Rasoee Indian Kitchen (Robson)

Rasoee Indian Kitchen is a cafe on Robson with a walk-up counter serving curry wraps and bowls. The menu is conveniently displayed on 2 large screens on the wall.

I ordered a signature curry wrap ($6.99) and a mango lassi ($2.49).

The portion of the mango lassi was quite small, but that was expected given the price. It was not made with an excess of ice like at many other Indian fast food places. The drink was smooth and creamy like a milkshake, and not filled with chunks of ice like a slushy.

The signature curry wrap is basmati rice and your choice of curry and dip all wrapped up in a regular or whole grain naan bread. I opted for the regular naan with classic curry chicken and mango chutney. Because the naan was so thick, it did not serve as a nice wrapper for the fillings. The wrap fell apart almost immediately, and it was very messy to eat as the sauce was everywhere. Despite the hassle, the curry and mango chutney tasted delicious together with the chicken, cucumber, tomatoes and raisins. The curry was very very mild and not spicy at all. I loved the slightly tart mango chutney with a sweet fruity flavour that made the wrap more refreshing and appetizing.

Although the wrap was delicious, I would not order it again just because it was so messy to eat. Next time I'd rather go for the curry bowls!

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  1. I've only tried the Rasooe on campus and was not impressed with their wraps.
    As you've experienced, they fall apart VERY easily, resulting in VERY messy eating. Curry was okay. Smelled better and stronger than it tasted.


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