Point Zero Lounge

Point Zero has been featured on various daily deal sites many times, so I decided to give it a try. The decor is definitely suitable for a lounge. A large bar area took up one corner of the room and bright coloured lights were projected onto the wall.

The sushi menu was very extensive with many choices of rolls. Most of them were innovative creations not commonly found in other restaurants. I ordered 3 rolls in total (from top to bottom): electric banana ($8.50), red ninja ($8.95), and fancy roll ($7.50). My favourite was the electric banana, an eel roll with fried banana on top. I've had papaya and mango in sushi before, but banana was a first. Perhaps because I'm partial to banana, but I thought the sweetness went very well with the savoury eel. The red ninja was a spicy tuna roll topped with fried salmon and fried avocado. It tasted like a regular spicy tuna roll, so no surprises there. The fried topping was somewhat strange and didn't blend in with the tuna. The fancy roll was a mango and tempura prawn roll wrapped in soy crepe. It was a bit lighter because of the fruit and the soy crepe, but there was cream cheese and the prawn was fried just like the toppings in the other rolls. I noticed that most of the items on the menu either had fried ingredients, mayo, cream cheese, or a combination of all 3, making them very rich and filling.

I also ordered ebi mayo ($5.95), an appetizer of fried tiger prawns with spicy mayo. The prawns were supposed to be lightly battered according to the menu description, but they were crusted with large chunks of hard and dry batter. The prawns were not fresh and tasted as though they had been frozen for months. The spicy mayo was good, but combined with the non-fresh prawn and excessive batter made the dish not very enjoyable.

Overall the food was average, but one big issue was the non-fresh taste of most of the ingredients including the fish and fruits in the sushi rolls. Another issue was the excessive amount of fried ingredients, cream cheese and mayo, all of which were very filling and unhealthy.

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