Hart House

My visit to Hart House with my family was more than just a dining experience, it was a day excursion and an escape from urban life. The restaurant is located beside Deer Lake in Burnaby, in a heritage house dating back to the early 1900s.

The dining area is in the back of the house with windows overlooking the large backyard and the lake. This is a view of the house from the backyard.

We were given a bread basket and butter to start our lunch. I liked the bread on the left since it was warm and soft. The bread on the right was less fluffy and more dry in texture.

We ordered the Hart House express lunch ($19) which included 2 courses: an appetizer and a main. The appetizer was pork pate with goat cheese salad. The goat cheese was so smooth and savoury that I could tell it was really good quality cheese. The dressing was a slightly sweet berry vinaigrette which was perfect with the salad.

The main was a turkey bacon panini with a side of fries. Although I'm not a fan of paninis, I still found this pretty good. And 2 courses for $19 is a great deal.

I ordered the steamed Salt Spring Island mussels ($16). The mussels were a lot bigger and juicier than the ones I had at Mondo Eatery. The sauce was made with white wine and cream, but it wasn't creamy at all. It was more like a broth with leeks and slices of chorizo sausage.

The catch of the day ($20) was albacore tuna, served with vegetables in a slightly spicy coconut curry broth. It was a unique combination, but I really liked the creativity of this dish. The tuna went surprisingly well with the curry broth, which was rich but not so strong that it overwhelmed the taste of the fish.

After the meal, we went for a walk on the boardwalk along the lake. Although it was really cold, we still found it very relaxing and enjoyable.

We had a wonderful lunch experience at Hart House, and are already planning to visit again for dinner.

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  1. It's a little visually strange that they didn't cut the chorizo sausage on the diagonal. The way it's presented, the little round circles clash with the elliptical shape of the mussels, scallions and toasted baguette.

  2. Although I agree with you (and was wondering the same thing incidentally), most people aren't that technical with their food *cough* nerd! :P

  3. ....... just cause I VERBALIZE things.........

    Dare to be different!


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