Mondo Eatery

February 08, 2011
I've eaten at the burger bar adjacent to the restaurant and found the food pretty good, so I expected the same quality of food at the restaurant. I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't impressed either. Service was very slow since there seemed to be only one waitress serving all the tables. We had to wait almost 45 minutes for our food. We ordered 3 entrees to share. The lamb tagine ($18) came on a bed of couscous. The stewed meat was very tender, but the lack of other ingredients made the dish rather unexciting.

The caramel chicken ($17) looked and tasted like a sweet and sour Chinese stir-fried dish. Although it was good, I can't imagine how anyone could eat the whole thing without a side of rice or pasta. Luckily we had couscous from the lamb tagine to go with the chicken.

The moules frites ($16) was not bad, but the mussels were not very juicy because they were so tiny.

I liked the fries though; they were just like the fries I had at the burger bar.

All of the dishes were brought out with this big red lid on... to keep them hot I suppose? It worked though. Everything was served piping hot.

The food was decent and service was friendly despite being slow. But I'm not convinced to come back for another visit.

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  1. oh, the hat/big red lid looks like the lid they use in African cuisine to cook the dishes ( The shape of the lid is supposed to change the way the heat and steam circulates and cooks the food.


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