Earls (Lansdowne)

February 11, 2011
I didn't get any food at Earls, but this alcoholic tea I had is worth writing about. It was a blueberry tea with Grand Marnier. I was given a pot of hot water with a glass of Grand Marnier and a cinnamon stick. The waitress didn't give me a teacup though, and when I asked she gave me one but explained that her manager had told her I could just pour the tea directly into the alcohol.

I have to mention the service was pretty bad the whole time we were there. When we told the waitress we weren't ready to order when we first sat down, she disappeared for around 15 minutes. Anyway back to the tea. The teabag was individually packaged and labelled organic Assam tea. I thought it was blueberry tea... Could it be both?? The tea tasted quite good though, especially with the Grand Marnier. Ka told me that if I left the cinnamon stick in the hot tea long enough, the cinnamon flavour would add to the taste as well. The combination of tea, alcohol and cinnamon was surprisingly smooth and tasty. I actually prefer this to alcoholic coffee since it's less heavy without milk.

I also got an Albino Rhino dark ale to split with Dodo since the menu said it was exclusive to Earls, so we figured we should try it out. I didn't like it much as it tasted weak and was too sweet for a dark ale. It was even sweeter than honey lager! And look at the glass... It was still wet. Obviously they didn't care about drying the glassware after washing.

The blueberry tea was interesting, but I wouldn't think of coming back again as the service was so horribly slow and careless.

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