Monday, February 14, 2011

De Dutch (Richmond)

This location closes at 2:30 pm on weekdays and 3:30 pm on weekends, so it's only open for breakfast and lunch just like all the other De Dutch restaurants. The De Dutch signature dish is a Dutch pancake called the pannekoek. It's a lot thinner than a regular pancake, and just a bit thicker than a crepe. It takes up the entire plate and could be quite filling. The pannekoek in the picture below is the raisins and sugar ($9.50). There was a heart etched into the icing sugar on top, perhaps because I visited on Valentine's Day?

There are also savoury options like the ham and pineapple ($10.50). The chopped up bits of ham and pineapple are hidden away under the pancake.

The pancakes were served with butter, but I didn't have any because the pancake was already so greasy.

The pannekoek went really well with syrup though.

I didn't find the pannekoek super impressive, but it was not bad. At least I got to try something new. I don't think I would come back often though because the menu is pretty much centred on the pannekoek apart from regular brunch fare.

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