Michi Sushi

October 03, 2010
Today I stopped by Michi Sushi on West Broadway for a light lunch. There are a few seats in the tiny store, but the place is mainly a take-out joint. There is an array of sushi rolls, salads and drinks behind the display counter. The sushi rolls and salads cost $2.90 each, and there's also a 3 roll combo for $7.81.

I tried the wild salmon with avocado roll and the spicy tuna roll. They look like temaki, but are a lot smaller. The wild salmon with avocado was sold out, so they made me a fresh one. That is how I got to taste the difference between a freshly made roll versus a roll that had been sitting in the refrigerated display all day. And the difference is HUGE. The rice in the refrigerated roll was very hard and dry, especially since it was a mixture of brown and white rice. The fish was not frozen, but much too cold for the flavour to come through. The fresh roll was much better with softer rice and fish. But there was another problem: the seaweed in both rolls were extremely difficult to bite through.

I like the idea of having small convenient sushi rolls for take-out, but the quality is not up to par. It would be much better for them to make the sushi fresh upon order, so that customers wouldn't have to eat rolls that were cold and tasteless.

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