Death by Chocolate (Broadway)

October 03, 2010
After a light lunch at Michi Sushi, I crossed the street for dessert at Death by Chocolate. I got there at around noon, and the store was very quiet. I saw a few customers come in to buy coffee, but no one ordered cakes. There were 14 different cakes to choose from, and each slice cost $6.95.

The display counter was very foggy and I could barely see the cakes inside. The girl behind the counter came out and wiped it off, but it fogged up again almost immediately. So she gave me some paper napkins for me to wipe it myself.

I whipped out my Indulge Living voucher and asked the girl about the hot drink special for voucher users. She didn't speak fluent English though, and didn't seem to understand what I was asking. When she finally realized I was asking about drinks, she pointed to a piece of paper on the counter stating that voucher users could order a small 12 oz latte, cappuccino, or hot chocolate regularly priced at $2.95 for $2. It didn't make a lot of sense that the voucher was for 2 pieces of cake (so presumably for 2 people), but only 1 toonie drink was allowed per voucher. I already had miso soup at Michi Sushi, so my dad ordered a cappuccino. It was VERY foamy... I took a sip and it was all foam! My dad drank the rest, and it turned out the foam took up more than half the cup. The worst part was the drink was lukewarm and not nearly hot enough.

Moving on to the cakes... I decided on the strawberry cheesecake, and my dad decided on the tiramisu. Both slices were served with 2 huge dollops of whipped cream. I'm not a huge fan of whipped cream to begin with, and this cream was rather watery and tasteless. The strawberry cheesecake wasn't very rich or creamy, and the texture was not firm at all. It was more like a mousse cake, but not as smooth. I couldn't really tell what the bottom layer was. It was softer than a graham cracker crust, but harder than a cake bottom. So it was either a graham cracker crust that had become soft from moisture, or a cake bottom that had gone stale. But I'm leaning towards graham cracker crust because it tasted slightly crumby.

The tiramisu tasted a bit better, but the cake bottom was slightly soggy from moisture.

In conclusion, I'm glad I didn't have to pay full price because it wasn't worth it. I felt like they weren't even trying... The cakes did not taste fresh, and the slices were very small. The quality was on the same level as crudely made cakes from grocery store bakeries.

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  1. Oh no! Now I regret even buying the voucher =/

  2. LOL! I think I made it sound worse than it really was... I just expected a lot better for a $7 slice of cake. It wasn't that bad, like I said grocery store standard :P But you might wanna go soon because I just found out that all the other death by chocolate locations are closed and this is the only one left! Have a feeling it might close soon too...

  3. Oh dear =___= I JUST checked Urbanspoon. Should've checked the rating before buying the coupon...

  4. They don't do the designs on the plate now when they serve their cakes? Oh boy...memories...I worked at a DBC long long time ago...hahahahaha!


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