Ebisu (Ackroyd)

October 05, 2010
Kish was craving dessert today (as always), so we went to Ebisu for creme brulee cheesecake and a late night seafood snack. The oysters were 88 cents each with a minimum order of 5. We started with 8 oysters :) They weren't fat or juicy, and some of them were really tiny... They didn't taste all that fresh either. But at least they were cheap.

Then there was an assortment of sashimi ($10.50): salmon, tuna, toro, and hamachi.

Then more sashimi and seafood in the chirashi! There were salmon, tuna, tamago, roe, scallops, and even a small piece of uni in the middle.

We had a pitcher of sangria ($9.99) to go with our food. They actually offered a choice between red and white wine! I've never heard of sangria made with white wine before... But we went with the red anyway. There were apples, peaches, and a few slices of orange in the drink. It tasted like a fruit punch and was very weak. I couldn't taste the wine at all.

This was what Kish came for: creme brulee cheesecake ($6.95). So expensive, but quite good.

All of the food was decent, and we had a nice and relaxing meal here. But I found that the seafood and sashimi didn't taste very fresh, and none of the dishes were spectacular. Though given the ambiance and variety of food and drinks, this would be a good place to meet up with friends.

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