Mr. Pickwick's (Denman)

October 01, 2010
I have passed by Mr. Pickwick's on Granville numerous times over the years, but I have never tried it because I always thought, "What could be so special about fish and chips?" It wasn't until I saw the Denman location featured on Indulge Living that I decided to give it a try. I had expected it to be a tiny cafe where people would line up to order food at the counter. So I was quite surprised when I walked into a cozy restaurant with 3 waiters.

We ordered 3 dishes to share. The first dish was 2 pieces of haddock and chips ($15). The haddock was tender, and the batter was light and crispy but not too dry. The dish came with tartar sauce, which is perfect with fish! There was also a small garnish salad with a vinaigrette dressing I really liked. But there was too little salad :(

We also had fried scallops and chips ($12). This dish came with ketchup instead of tartar sauce, but I think the scallops tasted better without any sauce because they were so fresh! The taste of the sea :)

Then we had the daily special crunchy halibut tacos ($12). I chose Mexican rice as a side instead of chips or mashed potato. That was a good decision as almost everything else was fried... The halibut was fresh and tender just like the haddock and scallops, but the batter was a lot crispier. I didn't really like this batter because I found it to be too dry. Luckily there was a little bit of shredded salad with raisins inside the tortilla, but not enough to balance out the fried fish. And the tortilla was somewhat rubbery and very difficult to bite through.

All of the seafood served was very fresh, but having an entire meal of fried food was a bit too much for me even though the food was not too oily. It would be nice if the salad portions were bigger. Although the food was good, I wouldn't be visiting too often because my stomach can't handle it :P

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