Tri-Pot 鼎王滷味

Tri-Pot is a walk-up counter located inside the restaurant Zephyr in the Sky (飄香). It's kind of like street food sold in a store. There is an array of popular Taiwanese foods behind the counter including pig intestines, chicken hearts, frozen tofu, and various noodles and veggies.

Most items are $2 each, and some are $3. Prices are very reasonable, and for the rest of this month there will be no HST due to their grand opening special. The food is cooked immediately after ordered, which ensures it's nice and hot for eating in or taking out. I ordered 5 items to go: pig ear, chicken hearts, egg noodles, blood rice cake, and frozen tofu.

I highly recommend the blood rice cake. I know the name sounds scary, but it's so chewy and savoury. I think a lot of people are against eating food made with animal blood though. When I told the cashier girl that I wanted the blood rice cake, the guy cooking the food immediately said, "There's pig blood in it... is that ok?" I guess a lot of people back out when they find out it's REAL blood. The chicken hearts and the frozen tofu are also very good. I will be back again for take-outs because it's really good value for the price, and the food is very tasty.

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  1. thanks for ur review .. i am the guy who ask u about da pig blood lol... really happy that u enjoy our food ... come next time i will give u free cabbage ...its taste good..!! can u write a review for us on urbanspoon and join our facebook fans club thanks a lotz ... have a nice day !!

  2. Hi! I'm surprised you actually read the reviews. It shows that you really care about improving your food :) I already submitted this post to urbanspoon, so it should be up on the site as soon as they scan my blog. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hi!!thank you very much for support us .. yes i really care about improving my food !! and thanks for u submitted this post to urbanspoon.. thats mean a lotz for us .. really appreciate !!


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