Adonia Tea House

September 13, 2010
Adonia Tea House was featured on Indulge Living a couple of weeks ago. The regular price of their afternoon tea is $25, but the deal offers it for $12. Being an afternoon tea fan, I jumped at the offer. I called last Tuesday to make a reservation for Thursday, but they told me all of last week was already fully booked! So my afternoon tea was delayed to 2 pm today. As I stepped in, I noticed that the store was quite small; I counted 8 tables in total.

I was greeted by a young waitress and led to a table. She gave me a double-sided menu with a large selection of tea including black tea, green tea, rooitea, white tea, and fruit mixes. I chose a rooitea called Honeybush Green, which is a wild African green tea with a delicate honey flavour.

I tried 2 other teas as well: Mango/Passion Fruit Green Tea and Latte Macchiato, and I felt that the Honeybush Green was the best of the 3. But none of them could compare to the teas I had at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (from the Metropolitan Tea Company). Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the Hotel Vancouver afternoon tea experience, but I was completely blown away by the quality of the tea and pastries there. I think the tea at Adonia was average at best, but at least there was a wide variety to choose from. After a couple cups of tea, the waitress brought out the tower of pastries and a plate of scones. The portions as seen in the pictures are for 3 people.

Bottom Tier: cucumber sandwich, ham and egg sandwich, turkey croissant sandwich, egg salad in mini bun
Middle Tier: smoked salmon sandwich, mini quiche, roasted peppers in puff pastry
Top Tier: brownie, fruit/meringue tart, raspberry/chocolate macadamia roll

Scones: cranberry raisin, cheese, chives

There was one of each pastry for everyone except for the top tier. There were 3 brownies, but all the tarts were different. There was a grape and blueberry tart, a blueberry and raspberry tart, and a lemon meringue tart. There were 2 raspberry rolls and 1 chocolate macadamia roll. So the 3 of us had to split some of the pastries so that we could all try everything. I think most of the food was just average. The sandwiches and other savouries tasted like homemade fare and I think they could easily be reproduced at home. The one thing that impressed me most was the raspberry roll. It didn't look particularly appealing, but it was unexpectedly soft and moist. The cranberry raisin scone coated with sugar was also quite good, but the other 2 savoury scones were not so great. Overall it was a nice and relaxing afternoon tea experience, but I would not come back at the regular price of $25. At that price, I'd rather pay $36 for the afternoon tea at Hotel Vancouver.

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