Richmond Food Adventure: Sep 16 2010

My friend Shamu is back again from Ontario, so I met up with her tonight for dinner. As is our tradition, we ended up visiting several food places instead of having a proper meal at a restaurant. First I took her to the Tenku Bakudanyaki, Fumisen, and Shoryumen trailers across from River Rock Casino.

She was so excited because there isn't a lot of Asian food in Hamilton, let alone Asian street food! We each ordered a bakudanyaki. She hasn't tried takoyaki before, so I didn't quite know how to explain what a bakudanyaki was. But I'm glad she liked it ^^

This time I finally tried the soy crepe temaki at Fumisen. The girl from my last visit was right... the soy crepe didn't taste like anything. It wasn't sweet or salty; it was just a paper thin yellow sheet used to wrap the fillings. I still prefer the seaweed, but I guess the soy crepe was worth trying. This time I had regular sushi rice, salmon sashimi, avocado, mango, and mayo. Very good combination just like last time :)

Shamu said she was craving bubble tea, so we went along Alexandra and dropped by Estea. She got a hot taro milk bubble tea with pearls. I didn't get anything because I wanted dessert at Dessert Kitchen (糖廚).

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