Dessert Kitchen 糖廚

September 16, 2010
I have been here once before, but that was quite a long time ago back when it was new. The store was relatively empty, maybe because it was a Wednesday night. There were pictures of menu items encased in the tables and on the menu.

Unfortunately the real things didn't look half as appealing. I ordered a dessert similar to the one I had at 100% Dessert: black sesame sweet soup with tofu pudding (太極倆儀) ($4.95). According to the picture on the menu, it was supposed to look like a yin yang symbol. But this is what it looked like:

Good try I guess? I'm trying to figure out whether the black smudge on the white side and the white smudge on the black side were intentional or accidental... And just like at 100% Dessert, the tofu pudding was cold while the black sesame soup was hot. Seriously does it take that much work to heat up the tofu? I don't mind having both sides cold or both sides hot, but it was weird with half and half... Then halfway through eating, the black sesame soup actually congealed to form a lukewarm pudding/paste substance... And the tofu pudding tasted worse than the ones I bought from the supermarket. Shamu didn't have much luck with her order either. She got a pizza toast ($5), which she claims looked like barf and tasted like chili on bread.

I had a bite of this toast as well, and it was acceptable... Same with my dessert. I'm not sure how places like this stay open despite the high prices and mediocre food and service. I guess it's because this is a convenient place for people to hang out and grab a bite to eat. Well on with the search for a good dessert place!

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