Downtown Food Adventure: Sep 17 2010

My downtown food adventure with Kish began with a revisit to Miura Waffle Milk Bar. I decided to try the flavoured milk this time, and the owner was very nice and gave us samples of the strawberry and mango (very generous portions too). I liked the strawberry a lot more than the mango because it was thicker and more creamy, kind of like a strawberry smoothie. But since we didn't get to sample the coffee milk, I decided to get that instead. It was pretty much a cold latte minus the ice. Not bad, but the strawberry was still better :)

We split a bulgogi waffle and a tiramisu waffle so that we could have both savoury and sweet. Apart from the beef, egg, and kimchi as stated in the menu, the bulgogi waffle also contained onions and green onions. And I was so surprised that the kimchi tasted exactly like the type I bought from T&T. I wonder if they bought the same brand :D

The tiramisu waffle contained coffee jelly, pastry cream, and chocolate sauce. It was a pretty tasty combination, but I prefer the banana caramel from last time. Both were really good, but I'm just not crazy about tiramisu. The fluffy waffle made up for it though! The savoury waffle was a lot flatter and crispier. So if you're looking for a soft and fluffy waffle, go for a sweet one!

And so we enjoyed a nice brunch out on the patio...

When we got back to the car, we found out there were 15 minutes left on the meter! So... what better to do than to go across the street for a poutine at Fritz? Then we decided to go shopping on Robson when... we passed by the Japadog stand! So what better to do than to stop for a yummy hot dog? By the time we were done, we were too full to eat anything else. So we went to Pacific Centre and walked around for a bit. After half an hour of digestion (or indigestion), we went to SNS Lounge to use up my Groupon. I think eating too much food can make people sleepy... I almost fell asleep in the car before we got in the restaurant... ZzZzzzZ
We just ordered a mango salad at SNS to share, and some drinks. Kish got a Rosemount Shiraz, and I tried the Dipoce martini that the waitress recommended. The Dipoce looked like red wine and tasted mainly like raspberry liqueur. Kish said it tasted like cough medicine, but I don't really agree... maybe because I haven't had raspberry flavoured cough medicine before???

The mango salad was tossed in lime juice and was quite sour. But I appreciated the sourness after all the food we had earlier. This was very refreshing and went pretty well with the drink.

Since we couldn't eat any more food, I ordered a Stella to use up the Groupon amount. What was the saying again? "Liquor before beer, never fear. Beer before liquor, never sicker." Or was it the other way around? I guess I'm following the rule then!


  1. if you ever get a chance, do try their bulgogi waffle. it's the BEST! REALLY!!! :D looking forward to more postings! perhaps i'll see some night market ones?? yayyy

  2. @sweetsamsations: That's the one I tried! I had bulgogi and tiramisu. And coincidentally I just went to the night market on the same day you left the comment!


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