Fritz European Fry House

September 18, 2010
As part of our downtown food adventure, Kish and I visited Fritz for a small poutine ($4.50). This is the only other store I've been in (apart from La Belle Patate) that sells mainly fries/poutines and nothing else (except for hot dogs). The store is so tiny that there is only enough space for a food counter on one side, and 2 small benches and stool "tables" on the other side. The reason I call them stool "tables" is because they are the size of stools with a big hole in the middle. So I don't think they were meant to be used as tables.

The poutine was served in a styrofoam bowl. It was nice and hot, but not quite as hot as the one from La Belle Patate. That one stayed hot for an hour! The cheese was very stringy, so I guess it wasn't the authentic version. I found the fries and gravy to be fairly standard (fast food chain quality), but Kish said he really liked the gravy.

To each his own I suppose! I really didn't like how the aftertaste of the gravy was so strong. I could feel it in my breath for at least an hour after. This was not a problem with the poutine from La Belle Patate, probably because of the vegetarian gravy they used. But this one is $1 cheaper, so it's a good choice if you're looking for a quick snack.

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