Finally I got to try the famous Japadog on my downtown food adventure with Kish! I've been hearing way too much about them, and I've always wondered how a hot dog could be worth that much attention. And after trying it, while it was very good, it's probably not something I'll eat again just because of the price. After all it is still just a hot dog... a hot dog that costs more than $7 after tax. And you have to eat it on the street (unless you go to the new Japadog store).

Kish and I each had half of the terimayo and the okonomi. Both were quite similar because they had the same Kurobuta pork sausage. Kurobuta pork comes from Berkshire pigs, also known as Japanese Black Hogs. It's kind of the pork equivalence of Kobe beef. Kurobuta meat is darker than regular pork meat, with a richer flavour and evenly distributed marbling that makes it more tender and juicy. It's called 黒豚肉 (black pig meat) in Chinese and it's very expensive, so that must be why the hot dogs are so pricey.

The kurobuta sausage was very juicy and easy to bite through. I liked the okonomi more because of the added flavour from the bonito flakes. Seaweed was good too, but I prefer the smoky taste of the bonito flakes. Both hot dogs were loaded with Japanese mayo and sauce, so they were very filling. I ate the terimayo first, so I was too full to finish the okonomi :( The toppings and the kurobuta sausage definitely differentiate the Japadog from a regular hot dog, so I think it's worth trying at least once.

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