100% Healthy Dessert 百份百甜品

September 11, 2010
I have been to this place numerous times, but only when I'm craving something sweet. The store is not particularly clean; the menus are sticky, and the tables aren't exactly spotless. The desserts are not super impressive either, but then again there aren't many places in Richmond that offer HK style desserts. The night market is certainly an option, and we should have gone there instead as my friend had mentioned. Too bad we didn't think of it sooner. So anyway we both ordered the black & white (黑白配). It's an intriguing name, but it's simply a black coloured dessert mixed with a white coloured one. You could also have black with black or white with white if you want, but it wouldn't look as pretty :) There were 4 items to choose from: black sesame soup, almond tea, tofu pudding, and black glutinous rice. I went with the first 2 options, while my friend chose the last 2. Interestingly my dessert was completely liquid, and his was completely solid :D He complained that his dessert tasted weird because the black glutinous rice was hot, while the tofu pudding was cold. He ended up stirring them together to get a uniform temperature. I have an issue with the temperature of my dessert as well. I would expect sweet soups to be close to boiling or at least hot, but my black sesame soup mixed with almond tea was barely warm. I have to commend them on the presentation though; who could say no to a smiley face on their dessert? The funny thing is... they only cared about the presentation of my dessert. It looks like they just dumped the food in my friend's bowl haha~ See pictures below xD

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