Miura Waffle Milk Bar

There are so many crepe cafes around these days, I think it's about time for a waffle bar! Miura Waffle Milk Bar is such a clever name. It conjures up images of freshly made waffles and creamy glasses of milk. The store is really small with only a few tables inside, but there's also a patio that gives it a street-side cafe feel.

The menu consists of sweet and savoury waffles, as well as coffee drinks and flavoured milk. I was tempted to try the flavoured milk since the place is called a milk bar, but in the end I decided to go for the "morochino" ($3.50). (It probably should be marocchino, but I guess "morochino" is the Japanese pronunciation.) I got this drink because I've never heard of it before, so I googled it and the description sounded very appealing. Marocchino means "little Moroccan" in Italian, and it is a cappuccino topped with frothy milk and cocoa. The drink I got was just that: espresso and milk with a thick layer of milk foam on top with chocolate drizzle and flakes! It tasted just as good as it looked. It was creamy and velvety, and the chocolate sauce added to the richness of the drink.

I really enjoyed the marocchino with my banana caramel waffle sando ($4.25). (Sando is short for "sandoicchi" which is the Japanese pronunciation of sandwich.) The outside of the waffle was slightly crispy, but the inside was soft and fluffy. The caramel was smooth and rich, and went perfectly with the sliced bananas and cream.

I noticed that all of the savoury waffles were made in a different waffle pan with smaller squares, and were less fluffy than the sweet ones. But I think that's for the better since the waffle takes on the main role in sweet waffles with the cream and other fillings there to embellish the taste, while in savoury waffles the filling should be the focus and the waffle simply acts as the bread in a sandwich. There's an option to add $2 to any waffle for a small bowl of soup and a drip coffee/tea. I passed on it this time since I didn't want either, but it is a pretty good deal. Given the quality of the food and the reasonable prices, this is definitely a place to revisit. Next time I'm going to try one of the savoury waffles and the flavoured milk. It's more exciting than eating those boring old crepes.

EDIT: Read about my next visit here!

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