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The People's Perogy invited me to try out their food yesterday, and I must say I was very excited because it has long been on my list of places to try. The only thing stopping me was its location on the Northside (149 St and 137 Ave) which is far from my usual areas of activity. It also doesn't help that they are currently only open from 11 am - 3 pm on weekdays due to construction, but hopefully that will change soon. If you really want to try their perogies but can't get to their store, you'll be glad to know that they are selling bags of frozen perogies at select Safeway and Sobeys locations, as well as the Italian Centre Shop and Italian Bakery's Mercato. You can find all retail locations on their website:

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I kind of expected this to be a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, but surprisingly the store is very spacious, modern, and clean. Lots of seating available for people who'd like to dine in.

This is a fast casual restaurant, so ordering is done at the counter and I've taken pictures of the menu for your convenience. Pricing is very reasonable and you could get a full meal with drink for under $15. At first I thought that 6 pieces of perogies would not be enough for one person, but honestly I could barely finish 6 along with the other sides.

There are 4 perogy flavours available and I was able to try all of them. My favourite was the jalapeno cheddar because the diced jalapeno added just the right amount of kick and flavour to the potato and cheese filling. The nice part (for those with a low heat tolerance) is that the jalapeno was barely spicy, so you get the jalapeno taste without the burn. However, one issue I did have was that there was no way to tell the different flavours apart solely from appearance! All of the flavours were tasty though.

If you're looking for a little meat, they sell locally made all-natural ham garlic sausages as a side. These were really juicy with good flavour.

One of my personal favourites is the cabbage roll. And these ones are stuffed to the max with rice and pork. The filling is a bit bland, so you need to eat it with one of the sauces they offer — tomato or creamy dill. It's really nice that the sauce is served warm, so you really feel like it's the perfect comfort food. I personally found the warm tomato sauce to be super satisfying.

This is the entire spread from yesterday. I had about 6 perogies, half a cabbage roll and half a sausage and I was comfortably full. I really wanted to try the soup (borscht or daily feature) as well, but there was no way I could finish it. Perhaps next time! The tomato and creamy dill sauces in the picture below were for the cabbage rolls. They also provide sour cream, ketchup and mustard for the other dishes.

- jalapeno cheddar perogies
- sausage combo

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