The Keg - Lobster Summer 2018

I was very lucky to have been invited to attend a media tasting for The Keg's Lobster Summer menu! Lobster Summer has been an annual tradition at The Keg for the last 35 years, featuring fresh Atlantic lobster from the East Coast. Live lobsters are cooked to order, so you can be sure that they are super fresh! This year, the menu is quite limited with only one starter and three mains. Check out The Keg Windermere's Lobster Summer menu here: (Please note that prices may differ depending on location.)

Below is the one and only lobster starter this year, and also a guest favourite — lobster gratinée served with bread. Meaty chunks of lobster are baked in an escargot dish with garlic, herbs, and gooey melted cheeses.

I was also able to try a couple other popular starters from the regular menu. The tuna tartare is one of my favourites. Tuna and avocado go so well together, and the crispy chips provide a nice crunch to complement them. Sometimes I find the chips a bit oily, but this time they were done pretty well.

The baked brie was good as well, and I especially enjoyed the red pepper jelly served on the side. However, I found this dish quite heavy and probably wouldn't order it unless there were at least 4 people sharing. After all, it came with 10 pieces of crostini!

For drinks, I tried the Easy Rider which is basically a blueberry flavoured gin and tonic. Very pretty and easy to drink.

Every meal at The Keg comes with complimentary bread, and this is something I always enjoy. But this time I found out a little secret... You can ask for three cheese butter with your bread! It's a lot tastier than the regular whipped butter. They don't usually provide it with the bread, but just ask for this off-menu spread.

I had the steak and half lobster for my main. Please note that this is different from the "steak and lobster" on the regular menu. That one comes with just the lobster tail, but this one comes with the entire half lobster including the claw and body. I replaced the usual sirloin with a 7 oz filet mignon wrapped in bacon. The steak was cooked perfectly to my desired doneness (rare) and the lobster was extremely fresh! The Keg usually cooks everything perfectly, but on the few rare occasions that they've fallen short, I've never had an issue with getting my food replaced. I've always been happy with the service here.

The picture below basically covers all of the desserts available at The Keg with the exception of ice cream. I would recommend the Billy miner pie and the crème brûlée. Even if you're really full, you can consider getting a mini brownie or crème brûlée for only $3.

The Billy miner pie was a crowd favourite. Can't really go wrong with mocha ice cream on a chocolate sponge bottom, topped with sliced almonds, hot fudge and caramel sauce. I actually managed to finish mine despite being quite full. It wasn't very filling because the texture of the ice cream was super light and fluffy as if it were whipped.

The crème brûlée had a nice crispy caramelized crust, while the custard itself was velvety smooth and creamy with a rich aromatic taste of eggs. This was my personal favourite.

The brownie sundae pictured below is the full size, but as mentioned above, it's also available in a mini size. I didn't taste this, so I can't comment on the flavour.

I also did not taste the cheesecake, but was told by someone who did that it was just a regular slice of cheesecake.

Overall this meal was very enjoyable, as were all of my prior dining experiences with The Keg. I will definitely be back again for the Lobster Summer menu before it ends on September 2!

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