Miga Korean Cuisine

June 21, 2017
Miga is a relatively new Korean restaurant on the southside (34 Ave and 93 St) right next to Ginseng Korean BBQ. The place has a more modern and refined ambiance compared to other Korean restaurants like B-Bim-Baab, but it's also much smaller with limited seating.

The meal starts with complimentary banchan, Korean side dishes to be enjoyed with rice and the main meal. But I found myself picking away at them while waiting for the entrees to arrive.

The topokki with cheese in hot plate ($32) seems to be the most popular dish here. It comes with two bowls of rice, so it's enough to feed two people or to share with a larger party. The fried wontons with minced meat filling and fried vegetable fritters made great appetizers. The topokki (rice cake) was cooked with fish cake, cabbage, and glass noodles in Korean spicy sauce in the traditional method. But in a modern twist, the rice cake could be eaten with egg and melted cheese served on the side of the hot plate. Just make sure you let the egg cook first!

Look at that gooey, stringy cheese!

So I forgot to take a picture of the bi-bim-bap before I mixed it up with hot sauce. Can you blame me? I was too busy stuffing my face with the topokki cheese dish. Anyway this is the mountain vegetables with beef, egg and rice bi-bim-bap ($14). It's also available in a hot stone bowl for an extra $2. After the topokki dish, this tasted pretty mild and didn't have much flavour. I probably wouldn't order this again.

Recommended Dishes:
- topokki with cheese in hot plate

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