Chocorrant Patisserie and Cafe

June 26, 2017
Chocorrant is a French bakery cafe located on 124 St just down the road from Duchess Bake Shop. There isn't a lot of variety here as they currently only offer 4 cakes: (left to right) the most popular lemon cheesecake, chocolate crunch, caramel apple, and espresso. They recently discontinued the passion fruit almond tart, but they are working on something new to replace it.

I think what sets Chocorrant apart from other French bakeries is their innovative croissant flavours including chocolate, strawberry milk, and matcha. They also have a savoury mushroom danish which I have yet to try.

I tried both the strawberry milk and matcha croissants, along with a London fog and a regular latte. I've also tried the matcha latte on another visit. The drinks were average and not comparable to most coffee shops, but it was nice to have something hot to go with the cakes and pastries.

I had imagined fluffy and flaky croissants filled with strawberry jam and matcha cream, but they were not like that at all. They were crispy on the outside, perhaps even a bit crunchy as they were quite browned. They did not have a very fluffy interior texture and were in fact more on the doughy side. There was not much of a filling, but just a thin layer of flavouring that was rolled in with the dough. Having said all that and despite being different from my expectations, the croissants were actually not bad and I quite enjoyed the matcha flavour.

Chocorrant used to offer a dessert sampler that includes all 5 cakes, but this is not available until they come up with a new creation to replace the almond tart. However, on my visit, they were nice enough to give me a sampler with an extra cake of my choice instead of the almond tart. So I got to try all of their current selection. My favourite was definitely the most popular lemon cheesecake. It was light and refreshing with a good balance of sweetness and tartness. I didn't find the other cakes too special; the chocolate crunch was just a regular moist chocolate cake and the espresso tasted just like a regular tiramisu cake.

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