Spring Cafe

January 01, 2015
Spring Cafe is one of the worst food establishments I have visited recently (or ever). I saw a lot of advertisements for this place on local Chinese papers where they promoted Macau specialty food items such as the pork chop bun and the Portuguese egg tart. The Macau style pork chop bun ($5) was the size of a slider. The bun had been toasted to a crisp and was completely dry with no moisture at all. The pork chop inside still had the bone attached, and was very oily with minimal seasoning (just salt perhaps). There were no other toppings or sauces in the bun, so the thing was dry and flavourless.

As I have been craving a good Portuguese egg tart similar to Lord Stow's, I was pretty excited to give this place a try. Well this Portuguese egg tart ($2.25) did not even qualify as a regular egg tart. My failed baking experiment tasted a hundred times better. The crust was neither puff pastry nor shortbread pastry; it was simply a dry, chewy, and extremely oily shell. The filling was a chunky pudding with an overdose of artificial vanilla flavouring. The tart was served lukewarm, and tasted like a leftover pastry that had been reheated multiple times.

This is a Hong Kong style cafe after all, so I also tried a bowl of Hong Kong style fish balls noodle soup ($5.95). The noodles were thick and slightly undercooked, the "soup" tasted like water with a bit of chicken extract powder, and the veggies were also undercooked and crunchy. This bowl of noodle soup was pretty much flavourless, and I honestly would've preferred a bowl of instant noodles to this.

Maybe I was just really "lucky" and ordered the worst dishes possible, but if 3 out of 3 items are bad, then I think it's fair to say it's a strikeout.

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