Macau - Lord Stow's Bakery (The Venetian Macao)

Lord Stow's egg tarts are possibly the best I've ever sunk my teeth into. And that's saying something considering my lack of appreciation for puff pastry. Lord Stow's started off as a small bakery in Macau in the late 80's. It has since expanded to include 5 locations in Macau and numerous franchises overseas after the introduction of its signature Portuguese egg tart in 1990. This popular egg tart retails for $8 MOP (~$1 CAD), and it's worth every penny because it's like a little piece of heaven. Layer upon layer of flaky puff pastry perfectly complemented by creamy egg custard filling. The crust is buttery but not too greasy, and the custard is delicately sweet but not too cloying. Perfection in the form of a little pastry. Ahhh...

I had a bit of trouble locating the store because The Venetian is like a maze with all these boulevards and interconnections to the surrounding buildings. But there is a simple way. The Great Hall (pictured below) is an atrium that offers access to the main boulevards. From here, go down Mask Street and take the first right. Go to the end of the corridor and Lord Stow's is just around the corner on the left.

Apart from enjoying Lord Stow's delicious egg tarts, it's also a good idea to explore the Grand Canal Shoppes just to check out the beautiful indoor canals and Venetian style decor. You can even go on an indoor gondola ride for a nominal fee.

Lord Stow's Portuguese egg tarts are one of the foods I will truly miss. They are simply scrumptious and can be enjoyed anytime as a snack or dessert.

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