Famoso (South Edmonton Common)

May 26, 2014
I remember the first time I heard my coworker rave about the tiramisu at Famoso. We made a trip there to pick some up, but unfortunately they were all sold out. This piqued my interest in the Italian pizzeria chain known to serve authentic Neapolitan pizza. A lunch size pizzetta, with a side of soup or salad for $4, is a good option for a hearty lunch. My coworker swears by the signature fire-roasted tomato bisque and the spicy Thai pizzetta ($8 + $4 for soup).

My favourite is probably the prosciutto arugula pizzetta ($8). I like how it's light without too much sauce. The leafy greens are very refreshing and go perfectly with the savoury prosciutto and shaved cheese. The lemon wedge also adds a touch of tartness that's very appetizing.

Appetizers, on the other hand, are not so interesting. Apart from soups and salads, there are really only three choices: Mediterranean flatbread, polpette al forno (pork meatballs), and prosciutto wrapped mozzarella balls. Flatbread is a redundant choice because the entree is going to be pizza, and the other two dishes are not particularly memorable. Pictured below are the prosciutto wrapped mozzarella balls (3 for $10.50) swimming in a pool of tomato sauce. Since the sauce was served hot, it was basically like eating gooey melted cheese in a tomato soup.

What about the legendary tiramisu? Well I've been told that the tiramisu is in fact made in Milan, Italy, flash frozen, then shipped over to Edmonton where it's cut into pieces and served to customers. It's very creamy and substantial, also quite reasonably priced at $6 apiece.

Another tasty dessert is the banana nutella pizza ($10). I almost like this more than the tiramisu because it's served warm and is such a great comfort food. The crust is folded in half to create a pizza pocket to hold the soft and squishy banana and nutella. To top it off, there is a drizzle of caramel and whipped cream on the side.

Mousie, who used to work as a pizza chef, told me that Famoso is not quite authentic. That may be true, but it's good enough for me. Famoso pizza beats American pizza any day!

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