Macau - Old Hong Kong Restaurant 金牌老香港茶餐廳

November 25, 2013
Old Hong Kong Restaurant is a well-publicized eatery endorsed by numerous Hong Kong celebrities, and it promises to deliver a nostalgic experience with local food and decor from the 60's and 70's. Even though I had put it on my to-eat list, the truth was that I didn't have very high hopes. Usually places that are excessively advertised are tourist traps with mediocre food. Would Old Hong Kong be the same? Prices were definitely in the tourist trap category, but that's understandable considering its prime location at The Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes. What won me over was the scrumptious shrimp toast ($98 MOP ~ $13 CAD). Seriously it was way overpriced for the portion, but it was also the best shrimp toast I've had. When the deep frying is not done properly, the bread absorbs the oil and becomes really soggy and greasy, but that was not the case with this dish. This bread was very soft and moist with light and crispy breading.

The shrimp looked like it was minced, but the tail was still attached and the meat was very bouncy and fresh.

Of course I had to try the hot silky milk tea ($35 MOP ~ $4.60) — a signature Hong Kong beverage, as well as a best-seller here. I have to admit I was a bit taken aback at first; it had a distinctly herbal aroma and taste which I thought was similar to Chinese herbal tea (涼茶). The drink was very creamy and rich, but the tea flavour was so strong that I thought it was bordering on bitter.

Luckily I got to sit in one of the themed "booths" — a boat known as the walla-walla that used to service the route between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. It was more gimmicky than anything, but it was still quite exciting, especially with this view of gondoliers rowing past us along the indoor canals in the mall.

I would classify this place as a tourist trap, albeit a tourist trap with decent food. But hey, some people actually like these kinds of places. Even though the restaurant only presents a small piece of Hong Kong history through various relics, I think it's still worth checking out. Personally I don't regret coming here, and I might even come back again next time I'm in Macau.

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