Macau - Leitaria I Son 義順牛奶

November 21, 2013
I've heard that Leitaria I Son is very famous for its milk products, so I decided to give it a try when I passed by its food court location at The Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes.

Instead of the traditional milk pudding, I opted for a hot ginger milk curd ($40 MOP ~ $5.30 CAD). Now that I think about it, the price is absurdly expensive for a bowl of milk and a spoonful of ginger juice. Was it worth it? No. I've made the same dessert at home numerous times and I like mine better because it has a more prominent zingy ginger flavour.

The consistency was also not as solid as expected. In fact, the milk sloshed around in the bowl as it was set down on the table, so I was a bit worried that the mixture hadn't solidified. Luckily it passed the spoon test.

Maybe the original restaurant location would be better because there are a lot of limitations with a food court kitchen. Also I think that the original store would have more experienced staff. Anyhow this ginger milk curd is not something I would order again. It wasn't bad, but it was much too expensive for what it was.

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