HK Day 1 - Beef Pepper Rice @ Pepper Lunch

On my first night in Hong Kong, I decided to grab something quick to eat at Langham Place Mall, a shopping complex conveniently attached to my hotel. It was around 8 pm, but there were so many people still lining up for food at restaurants and food court stalls. That, added to my exhaustion from the long flight, almost made me give up on dinner and head back to the hotel. But I noticed that a lot of people in the food court had a steaming hot rice plate with a strip of paper around it, so I decided to give it a try. It was the signature teppanyaki plate from Pepper Lunch, a Japanese chain that had made its way to Hong Kong. I tried the beef pepper rice ($42 HKD ~ $5.65 CAD), supposedly the most popular item, and it came with rice, beef, corn, green onions, and an aromatic seasoning of butter and black pepper. The plate had to be mixed up thoroughly to cook the meat and to spread the butter evenly.

The specially-made hot plate was sizzling hot and it stayed like that for the whole meal. I liked the bits of crispy grilled rice on the bottom of the plate, crunchy and slightly charred. Even though it was just food court fare, I thought it was a decent first meal in Hong Kong. Looking forward to more yummy food in the city!

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