White Spot (Ellerslie) - Pirate Pak Day

August 17, 2013
It has been 3 years since my last Pirate Pak! Can you believe it? And I just found out that not a lot of people in Edmonton know about Pirate Pak Day because White Spot is a BC chain that is not very well known here. The only White Spot location in the city is at the Four Points by Sheraton just south of Ellerslie Rd, between Parsons Rd and Gateway Blvd.

A Pirate Pak is a White Spot kid's meal that is served in a paper pirate boat. But every year in August, White Spot hosts a Pirate Pak Day for adults too! A part of the proceeds on this day goes to Zajac Ranch, a BC summer camp for children with serious medical conditions.
The adult Pirate Pak menu offers a choice from 4 burgers with coleslaw, endless fries and pop/juice, a chocolate coin, and ice cream.

I ordered the Legendary Burger ($11.49) with cheddar (+$0.99), a basic quarter pound beef burger with the chain's signature Triple O sauce. This Triple O sauce is not a big secret though; it's just a blend of mayo and relish and some other ingredients, but it's delicious! I found an approximate recipe online:

The burger tasted a lot better than the one in my memory. The bun was nicely toasted and the beef patty was savoury and juicy. The Triple O sauce was good, but it was very heavy and there was so much of it that it made me feel bloated. And endless fries? There was no need for that because the boat came with two paper trays loaded with fries. And I didn't like them that much anyway. They didn't have the addictive quality of McDonald's fries.

Ice cream options included the traditional big three: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The chocolate flavour was very old-fashioned and tasted like childhood. I must've gone too long without ice cream.

Even though I was already full from the Pirate Pak, I couldn't resist adding a blueberry pie to my meal for only $3. Very good value for the price because this thing is huge. I like White Spot's blueberry pie because it's very simple — just a pastry crust loaded with fresh glazed blueberries. No fillers. No yucky custard. It was a bit sweet and the uneven crust was obviously crudely made, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this juicy treat.

If you missed Pirate Pak Day this year, don't worry! All of the burgers on the adult Pirate Pak menu are available on the regular menu. In addition to the Legendary Burger, my friend Mousie highly recommends the Portobello Provolone Veggie Burger. She said it's the best veggie burger she has ever had. "But it doesn't come in a pirate boat!", you say? I know. I think White Spot should sell adult Pirate Paks everyday too. Well... you can bring your kids and steal theirs! Just kidding :)
But come on, who doesn't want a paper pirate boat loaded with food? Your kids will love it.

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  1. It's only been 3 years since your last Pirate Pak?

    ..... More than a decade for me xD!

  2. I didn't even know what a pirate pak was a decade ago...

  3. The White Spot chain is new to me, but they have been around a long, long time. This must be doing something right. Great food.

  4. Yeah White Spot has been around for a long time and they're expanding into Asia under their Triple O's brand. I haven't been impressed with their other dishes, but I do like the Legendary Burger.


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