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One thing I crave from time to time is the Belgian liege waffle with its buttery aroma and crispy pearl sugar. When I googled liege waffles in Edmonton, the name Eva Sweet came up. It's a fleet of mobile food trucks/trailers that can be found at various locations, events and farmer's markets in the city. Since mobile stores are weather-dependent, Eva Sweet is only open during the warmer months. So on a sunny Saturday afternoon, after attending Menchie's grand opening event, I visited the City Market Downtown on 104 St.

I passed by the small yellow trailer without realizing it was the store I was searching for. There was no signage on the trailer itself, though there was a sign stand some ways away. The menu was a piece of paper with tiny font taped to the window of the trailer. A plain vanilla waffle costs $4 and each topping is an additional $0.50. Toppings include strawberries, peaches, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, condensed milk, etc. According to their website, some locations also sell cinnamon and Canadian maple waffles, but this particular location only had the original vanilla available.

The waffles are made fresh to order; I could see them cooking in waffle irons inside the trailer. Mine was nice and hot when it was handed to me. I decided to get it plain because that seemed to be the most popular choice. I thought adding fruits and condiments would just make it soggy and completely mask the flavour of the waffle itself. Compared to Damien's in Richmond, this was a lot more buttery and the texture was softer and fluffier. I can't say which one I prefer, but both are delicious in their own way.

I'm very happy with this discovery and plan on coming back for more waffles. I'd be interested in trying some other flavours though. I hope they open an actual store soon, so we can enjoy this tasty treat year-round!

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