Crave Cookies and Cupcakes

April 11, 2013
I was on my way to grocery shopping at Planet Organic when I came across a cute little cupcake shop called Crave. The logo is a black-and-white drawing of a lady holding a giant cupcake which is very similar in concept to the logo of Bell's Bake Shop in Vancouver. Retro ladies must be a common theme in the cupcake world.

The display was clean and simple with a variety of cupcakes ($3.25 each; $17.95 for 6) atop white platters and racks of freshly baked cupcakes in the back.

I brought home a red velvet and a seasonal flavour of chocolate cake with cappuccino icing. Both were delicious! Moist and fluffy with creamy icing.

On another visit I picked up half a dozen assorted flavours including red velvet, hummingbird, crave-o-licious and nutty over chocolate. My favourite red velvet has since been replaced by the fruity Hummingbird, a moist banana and pineapple cake topped with an aromatic browned butter buttercream icing and toasted pecans. There were bits of pecan inside the cake too. Delicious!

This is the second cupcake shop I've been to in Edmonton, the first being Once Upon a Cupcake which was my most horrible cupcake experience ever. I have yet to try other options, but I think Crave will remain a favourite.

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  1. Oh yea! Calgary had Crave, too.

    Delicious muffins and muffinettes. Pricey though. Totally forgot to tell you about them since I lived across one in Calgary.

  2. I don't remember seeing muffins!
    Is there anything else you forgot to tell me? Delicious treats? Interesting restaurants?

  3. Sorry. Cupcakes and mini-cupcakes. It was 3.23AM when I wrote that; that's my excuse =P

    Mm... Okay, they supposedly have like this forest inside one of the malls downtown, but it was closed when I was there and when it finally opened, I was too busy in the weeks before I left to go visit. The mountains are pretty cool - different from Vancouver's - too. And the lakes are pretty in the winter.

    But apart from that... well... you're not a coffee person but they do have a few good coffee places (Phil & Sebastian, Fratello).


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