Beijing Beijing 高朋滿座

February 28, 2013
Back in December, I had dim sum at Beijing Beijing with a bunch of people from work. There were 12 of us and we had a big round table with a spinning tray in the middle. That's the best way to have dim sum in my opinion. I got to try a huge variety of dishes including ones that I wouldn't normally order.

This will be a very picture intensive post. I don't have a lot of comments since I can't remember any details, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

sticky rice wrap

some kind of dumpling...

har gow (shrimp dumpling)

BBQ pork bun


fried tofu with shrimp paste

fried taro

bean curd roll

curry squid

fried pork dumpling

rice roll with shrimp

rice roll with Chinese donut (left); rice roll with beef (right)

chicken feet

sweet lotus paste bun

turnip cake

some kind of dumpling...

egg white and shrimp with fried rice
The food was decent, but presentation was sloppy and flavours were lacking. I still prefer Tasty Noodle for its ambiance and quality.

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  1. Have you tried Urban China in downtown yet? They seem to be the "it" spot for dim sum right now! From what I could tell on my visit, it was pretty good. I still have yet to try Beijing Beijing though.

  2. @letsomnom: Actually I have! Just haven't gotten the chance to write a post yet. It was pretty good on my first visit, but second time there wasn't a lot of food left by the time we sat down at 12:45 pm on a Sunday. The $5 coupon they give after every meal is a nice discount though!


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