Pagolac 百家樂 (54 Ave/97 St)

January 10, 2013
I realized that I've been eating pho quite often since coming to Edmonton. I blame it on the fact that most of my coworkers seem to be in love with this Vietnamese noodle soup. Whenever we need to come up with a place for lunch, guaranteed someone is going to say: "Pho?" But another reason is that there are lots of pho restaurants in the city thanks to the large Vietnamese population. Pagolac near the old office building is one of Rex's favourite lunch spots. The rare beef pho ($8) here is pretty good; I especially like how the soup is served piping hot.

Rex always gets the onion cake as an appetizer. Each order comes with two large rings like the one shown below. I rarely enjoy fried food, but this didn't feel very oily at all. The crust was crispy while the layers inside were flaky and fluffy.

The restaurant is very casual like a cafe with table service. Since the staff is always busy, many customers go up front to pay the bill so they don't have to wait. Personally I would never suggest pho if someone asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch, so I would probably never come here of my own free will. But I think this is a pretty good place for the pho fanatics out there. And the onion cake really is one of the best.

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