Isami Sushi

August 09, 2012
Py, Shamu and I were looking for a place to eat lunch near Metrotown. We first stopped by Crystal Mall, but didn't come across anything interesting. So Py whipped out her trusty smartphone and found a Japanese restaurant called Isami Sushi with a pretty high rating on Urbanspoon. We made it just in time for a late lunch as the place closes at 2 pm to prepare for dinner. There were still quite a few customers when we walked in and we were quickly greeted by Japanese staff. A sign of authenticity? We found out the name Isami is actually the chef's name, but I wonder why the logo is a vulture.

Shamu opted for assorted tempura ($7.50) which consisted of 3 shrimps as well as a variety of veggies. The portion was quite good for the price, but she said the batter was a bit too oily. I thought it was alright, but the batter could have been lighter and crispier.

I decided to go for special assorted sushi ($13) because I was craving quality nigiri sushi. I was quite disappointed though, as the fish were mostly not very fresh. The salmon, in particular, tasted as if it had gone bad. I took a bite and almost spit it back out because of a strong rotten plasticky flavour. Shamu saw my expression and took a bite as well, and agreed that the fish was indeed spoiled.

Py wanted something nice and hot, so she got a bowl of beef udon ($6.75). This was average at best and the soup was very bland. The portion was a bit small and luckily she got an order of sushi to go with this, or else she definitely wouldn't be full.

All in all, I thought the experience was a bit disappointing considering the high rating and positive reviews. With all the other food options in the Metrotown area, I wouldn't be coming back here for Japanese food.

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  1. Hehe... maybe it's because I'm still adjusting to the wide abundance of food available in Vancouver, but the udon wasn't that bad! I've had worst noodles. The soup base was surprisingly sweet - too much mirin? - but I guess it is bland in comparison to ramen soup base. I think udon is supposed to be bland, though.

    But you're right - I would try a different restaurant the next time I'm in the Metrotown area. =P

  2. @pyaria: I suppose the udon wasn't bad; that's why I said it was average. The soup was a bit sweet, but there wasn't much flavour apart from that.

    It's just that nothing makes me want to come back to this place. Especially since I had a bad experience with that half-deteriorated salmon.


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