Jang Mo Jib (Alexandra)

July 31, 2012
After checking out the digital carnival at Minoru Plaza, JL and Py suggested a late dinner of Korean food nearby. Since it was around 9:45 pm and most Korean restaurants in Richmond were near closing time, we decided to head to Jang Mo Jib on Alexandra. The restaurant was relatively empty when we arrived and the staff seemed less than enthusiastic about having us there. We were presented with the usual banchan, but there were only 4 small dishes with tiny portions. Even though they were refillable, I think we should have gotten slightly larger portions to begin with.

We ordered a pitcher of honey brown beer ($15.95) which was alright, but I have to say the variety of alcohol on the drink menu was very limited. There were a total of 2 beers and only a few types of soju.

We had an appetizer of goon mahn doo ($8.95), or Korean style pan-fried dumplings. It was nothing out of the ordinary and I didn't really like the overly crispy and hard skin.

The dduk bok gee ($24.95) came in a hot pot with rice cakes, fish cakes, spam, egg, cabbage, green onions and even instant noodles. The rice cakes were soft and not bouncy at all, though not as mushy as the ones I had at Spicy House in Coquitlam. But the flavour of the soup here was not nearly as rich and piquant. The instant noodles were waxy and bland and with the spam and egg, I felt like I was eating spicy instant noodles at home. I was not impressed with this dish, especially considering the price.

Apart from the mediocre food, the dining environment was very uncomfortable as well. The wallpaper was covered with food stains and there were lots of flies zooming around. Service was nonexistent and prices were much too high for the quality. I don't think I will come back here again.

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  1. Your experience was pretty much like mine when I went to Jang Mo Jib. The food was expensive but medicore, and the service was bad as well.

    Your Ddukbokgee actually looks like buddhajigae that I had in Korea! I wrote about it too in the post for "Biya". It's weird that they called your dish ddukbokgee...=.=

    Come to Korea and you can eat the real thing which is much tastier and much cheaper! :D

  2. @Kirby: I have never heard of buddhajigae! But I definitely thought it was weird that there were instant noodles and spam in the dduk bok gee. I wish I could join you in Korea too, but my wallet doesn't agree :P


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