Spicy House (Coquitlam)

July 18, 2012
Since Kish and I had to help Py move her stuff to Coquitlam, we figured we should take the opportunity to have dinner there. Coquitlam is known for its vast selection of Korean restaurants and Kish, being the most well-acquainted with the city, suggested one of his favourites — Spicy House.

The place is run by a Korean couple and has a nice and homey feel to it despite being rather unassuming in appearance.

Kish gave me "the look" for taking a picture of the water bottle. I thought it looked pretty cute though.

We got the typical banchan (refillable Korean side dishes) to munch on as we waited for our food. This is my favourite part of a Korean meal and we ended up refilling a few of the dishes. Usually I love the glazed potatoes, but this one was a bit strange as it was very salty with a strong soy sauce flavour.

The stewed chicken hot pot ($24.90) was a bit too spicy for me, but the flavour was very piquant and savoury. The chicken was unbelievably tender and smooth. The only disappointing part was the rice cakes which were soft and mushy instead of bouncy and chewy.

Seafood pancake ($14.95) seems to be a must at any Korean restaurant and Kish claims this place does it best. It was loaded with seafood and there was just enough batter to hold everything together. The pancake was served on a sizzling hot plate and both sides were pan fried to perfection. I found it a bit heavy because of all the seafood and oil, but it was indeed one of the best seafood pancakes I've had.

The problem with most Korean restaurants is that the dishes are usually huge, so it's difficult to try a variety of items with a small group of people. Since both the hot pot and seafood pancake came with a bowl of rice and the banchan was refillable, we all left the restaurant feeling more sated than we had bargained for.

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