Chiffon Chinese Cuisine 魔坊

June 28, 2012
I used to occasionally go for drinks with my friends at Chiffon, but the place was never one of our favourites because neither the food nor drinks were particularly impressive. When Chiffon changed its Chinese name and ran a promotion on a deal site, I decided to give it another try.

The interior was a lot nicer than I remembered and everything seemed new and clean.

The initial good impression ended when the waiting game began. Our drinks were served about 30 minutes after we placed our orders. Not only that, but our two orders of fresh taro milk tea came in two different colours and tasted different as well. The lighter pot had a strange fruity flavour which I thought was kind of weird.

The darker pot was a lot more aromatic and I especially liked the sweet and soft chunks of taro inside.

The food came another 20 minutes later, so we actually waited 50 minutes for our dinner. Each of our $8.28 vouchers included a hot pot and a drink of choice. Since I still had a bit of craving for kimchi hot pot after my recent meal at Hanppy Tofu Pot House, I ended up getting the same thing here. The soup was light yet savoury and there was more kimchi than I could eat. I would have preferred more pork and tofu though.

The Chinese yam and chicken hot pot was milder in flavour, but the chicken meat was very tender and soft.

Each hot pot was supposed to come with a bowl of rice, but we were told that the chef forgot to cook the rice and we had to wait another 10 minutes for it.

While the food and drinks were a lot better than before, the hectic service is enough to keep me away for good. This place is not recommended for hungry diners because it may take up to an hour for the food to come even if there are very few occupied tables.

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