Hanppy Tofu Pot House 韓川豆腐鍋專門店

June 22, 2012
After weeks of having only Western food on my recent trip to Europe, I was ready for some hot and savoury Asian cuisine. Hanppy gave me just that with its signature Korean style tofu pots. The menu was filled with typical Korean dishes including various hot pots and pancakes.

Due to Taiwanese ownership, the menu also featured typical Taiwanese snacks. We tried the marinated tofu (滷豆干) ($1.75) which, although not impressive by itself, went quite well with our hot pots and rice.

My favourite item was the Korean style kimchi pot (韓川泡菜鍋) ($6.25). We specified medium for the spiciness level, but it was in fact quite mild and the soup was slightly sweet. I loved the subtle sweetness in combination with the savoury kimchi and spicy seasoning.

I made the mistake of ordering the seafood and tofu pot (海鮮豆腐鍋) ($6.25) thinking it would have a similar soup base as the kimchi pot. I was very disappointed with the flavourless and slightly salty broth. I ended up dumping all the contents of the pot into the kimchi soup and drank that instead.

The Korean style BBQ with rice (韓川烤肉飯) ($6.95) was a nice alternative to the tofu pots. The presentation was good with a little bit of everything — BBQ pork, egg, spicy tofu and various veggies. The dish also came with a small bowl of seaweed soup.

Based on the Chinese name, I thought the red bean dessert (紅豆湯圓) ($2) would be a glutinous rice ball with red bean paste inside. It turned out to be a rather thick sweet red bean soup with mini mochi balls on top. It was quite good regardless, but probably not something I would order again.

The one dish I look forward to having again is the Korean style kimchi pot. The flavour was excellent and rather addicting, but the rest of the food was just average.

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  1. I have a kimchi tofu hot pot craving nowwww! Have you tried house of tofu outside of Thai son? (I have yet to try either actually!)

  2. @Janice: Yes kimchi tofu hot pot is so addicting :) I haven't been to House of Tofu Soup, let's go sometime! It's a bit more expensive ($9.99 for a pot I think?), but it may be a bit more authentic since the owner's Korean. And according to Kirby's post, there are banchan and a raw egg too!


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